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Shed to Carports to Play Sets
I enjoy helping people solve their playing or storage needs.

 Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm  (Saturdays Til 5pm)

Located on the North service road, 1190 West Hwy 190, Nolanville, Texas 76559                (254) 466-2555 or shodyniak@msn.com

    Hi, I’m Shane and this is my promise to you.” The Best Products at the Best Price with    the Best Customer Service to the Best of my ability”

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On Sale Now:

StarTec Cabins and Rainbow Play Sets

Check out the “Products” link at the top.

Big sale on Deluxe Star Tec buildings. Check out the StarTec Tab for details. NO ONE can beat this price. Save $750.

Portable building from Startec builders
Deluxe Lofted cabin, 8′ Loft, 6″ over hangs, Wall studs on 16″ centers, 7/12 pitch roof. Portable building.
Portable building
Deluxe Lofted cabin, 8 Foot walls. Beautiful portable building.

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Lizards on the Roof is your local get away shopping experience. Always something new with much of it made in your local area. We carry the items you simply cannot get at your big box stores. Just 15 minutes from about anywhere in the local area makes it worth checking with us before you make that purchase.

Serious Girls Play House (Girl Cave)
Serious Girls Play House (Girl Cave)

AS SEEN ON TV  Thousands have trusted StarTec builders for their building needs

Click Here For Prices and Sizes of StarTec sheds and portable buildings

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Rainbow Play Sets

Swing Sets, Play Sets
Rainbow Swing Sets and Play Sets

Imagine a Dream with Rainbow® Wooden Swing Sets, The BEST money can buy. With sets from $999 anyone can own a Rainbow. Pay cash, lease to own or finance a loan, you can own a dream maker.
Today, your child will go to the moon. Tomorrow, to the center ring of the circus. Last week, they were sailing the seven seas. With their imagination and Rainbow Swing Sets, there are no limits to where they can go.
Stop by and try out one of the 6 full size models we have set up here on our lot. The options are endless, much like the happiness you will bring when you buy one of these play sets.


New Authentic Patina Pottery from Mexico, not China Like you Find

IMAG0374 IMAG0370 IMAG0371 IMAG0372 IMAG0369

 Live your life in a way as to be set apart, recognized, and known to be honest and trustworthy. In this way you will find treasures money cannot buy. Here is a starting point- be nice, the world owes you nothing more then you give. Be nice, you are not better then the next person in the eyes of God who died for us all.


May God Bless the USA and the Great State of Texas



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